Edúcate Uruguay is a non-profit organization that strengthens the public school system, specifically in rural areas, through a model that generates an affective and effective bond of children to learning.

Founded in 2009, it has demonstrated to be a proven solution to reduce the gap in the access to educational opportunities between rural and urban children.

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Projects and Initiatives


Seeing is Learning 1 & 2

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Seeing is Learning 1 and 2 eases the integration of new technologies to the school. It uses digital resources to develop communication skills and collaborative work, strengthening self-esteem through the creation of a short film of high technical difficulty and the social exposure of the results in an important Short Film Festival. Seeing is Learning provides teachers with workshops and tools to make the incorporation of audiovisual resources effective as a teaching tool, while promoting children’s oral and written expression by integrating the use of technology to accelerate results in language development.

more about the project

more about the project


Exploration zone

Zona de exploración

Exploration Zone channels the innate curiosity of children by providing them with an innovative didactic approach to the natural sciences. The integration of technology, experiments, and the promotion of field trips provides the opportunity to understand, reflect, and make a critical analysis of the environment, and to acquire new knowledge through the scientific method.


The Book Pack Library

Biblioteca Móvil

The Book Pack Library is an essentially community project born when noticing the lack of books in rural schools. From the way it was settled to how it was implemented, this Library creates bridges and constructive links within the conglomerate of schools that shape each one of those libraries. Each library is made up of a set of backpacks that contain 400 to 500 books for different levels of readers. The backpacks rotate around the schools so that girls and boys always have different books to read.

more about the project

more about the project


Reading is a Journey

Leer es un viaje

The Reading is a Journey Project promotes the idea that children want to read and want to on a daily basis. The project creates a positive bond between the child and the book, by providing rewarding reading experiences. Once the interest is installed, we implement methodological strategies that turn children into autonomous readers. We encourage young people to sustain the habit of reading both at school and at home, making the book a genuine companion on their learning journey.


The Compass: the adventure of writing

La brújula: la aventura de escribir

The Compass’ aim is to make girls and boys feel motivated to write, developing their creativity and ability to express themselves through writing. By improving their language skills we intend to develop their autonomy, their capacity for analysis and synthesis and their ability to organize their ideas and express the acquired knowledge through writing.

more about the project

more about the project




De. Practice: series of talks open to the educational community with the aim of bringing together specialists from different countries that offer a new perspective on how to generate significant improvements in learning from concrete actions.
We bring together at the same table educators from public and private institutions, NGOs, international organizations, foreign experts, and public policy managers to focus on short-term actionable changes for the improvement of education.


Graduates Program

Programa de graduados

The Graduates Program strengthens teachers to improve the results of those who learn. It is a learning community made up of rural teachers who have the methodological base of Edúcate, researchers, and national and foreign specialists. It is a professional development network that builds bridges between theory and practice. It uses both virtual and in-person methods for the collective construction of new educational practices, mitigating the effects of geographic isolation and strengthening intellectual closeness.

Encuentro de saberes

more about the project

more about the project


The Meeting of Knowledge

Encuentro de saberes

The Meeting of Knowledge is a space where teachers have the possibility to share the best practices they have implemented and enrich themselves with other practices in the areas of reading, writing, natural sciences, communication, and technology. Everything is possible thanks to the enthusiastic participation of teachers from different rural areas of the country, who generously offer their knowledge and experiences to enrich and exchange knowledge with the professional and human community that has been formed.




We do research to build bridges between ‘must be’ and ‘know how’. We follow the children’s response to the teachers’ proposals and generate questions that inform theory with practice and vice versa. We also evaluate the impact of our projects, questioning with equal rigor the aspects that can be improved.
We create research opportunities for rural teachers in alliance with educators from New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and Spain, to generate knowledge about how children learn best.

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