Edúcate Uruguay is a non-profit organization that strengthens the public school system, specifically in rural areas, through a model that generates an affective and effective bond of children to learning.

Founded in 2009, it has demonstrated to be a proven solution to reduce the gap in the access to educational opportunities between rural and urban children.

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Our Impact

Educate believes that the future hangs on education.

We gave birth to an educational community of continuous professionalization that actively operates in more than 100 rural schools in 8 departments, and to methodologies that turn into opportunities and improvements in learning for more than 1500 children.


We re-signify children’s bond with knowledge and teachers’ bond with their profession

by providing the opportunity to participate in experiences of high formative value and the motivation to learn through materials specially designed for this purpose. We include families as a fundamental part of the process.

Motivation to Learn

Transformamos los métodos de enseñanza

Transforming teaching methods

We impact upon learning

We promote transformations in teaching methods through effective interventions that impact the interest and the ability to learn how to learn. We measure those impacts and do research about them in order to keep improving.
Our reading program has proven its effectiveness in the development of reading skills, especially benefiting children at risk with evident results 4 months after its implementation. For example, an increase in the habit of reading is verified, indicating that boys and girls triple their reading habit.

We weave alliances

between authorities, teachers, experts and national and foreign researchers.

We design interventions through multidisciplinary working groups. Our team is made up of national and foreign educators and specialists who, due to their experience and profile, promote educational innovation by seeking its applicability and impact on learning.

Educational Innovation

We capitalize on the use of technology

so that geographic isolation does not mean intellectual isolation or a difficult access to learning opportunities.

We provide access and intent to using technology according to the training needs of teachers and the learning needs of children. Each teacher has free access to an annual training program, to the Microsoft package with the TEAMS platform, as well as to other technological resources (digital sensors, microscopes, cameras, microphones, television sets, etc.) that are part of the projects we develop.