Edúcate Uruguay is a non-profit organization that strengthens the public school system, specifically in rural areas, through a model that generates an affective and effective bond of children to learning.

Founded in 2009, it has demonstrated to be a proven solution to reduce the gap in the access to educational opportunities between rural and urban children.

We Design

projects that understand learning as a path of enjoyment, discovery, and personal growth.

We Implement

solutions that approach change as a process of continuous, systematic, and intentional improvement.

We Research

questions that arise from the practice, the theory, and opening new pats of innovation in education.

Working on the access of opportunities and the development of human capital, in order to see the Uruguayan society proposer and improve their quality of life.

A New Point of Departure

A group of highly skilled professionals which investigate, create education programs in order to innovate how to teach.

This year the entire educational system has suffered the consequences of the Global Pandemic of COVID 19 [...] In this framework, the work of the E-ducate Foundation is promoted, an organization that has been making excellent contributions from the technical didactic (Exploration Zone Workshops on a regular basis and the start of the Mobile Library Project), since 2019 in the Department of Cerro Largo

Fernando Senllanes Santana Maestro Capder, Cerro Largo

We started the writing project (La Brujula) with great expectations. To my surprise, I never thought Viking culture was so compelling among my students.. [...] A month ago I had a student that I couldn't come to and now he's another boy, so long live the Vikings and long live E-ducate!

Graciela García Maestra, Escuela 60 Monte Coral, Florida

The aim of the foundation is that students in rural schools have the same opportunities as urban schools, and I witness that this was achieved.

Leslie Montero Maestra/Directora, Escuela N° 104, Puntas de cañas, Salto

"The health emergency strengthened the use of technology through the TEAMS platform. The members of E-dúcate were giving confidence to go through it and how to quickly find materials, presentations, etc. that will be used in the different virtual workshops."

Soledad Pereyra Maestra Capder, Flores.

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