Edúcate Uruguay is a non-profit organization that strengthens the public school system, specifically in rural areas, through a model that generates an affective and effective bond of children to learning.

Founded in 2009, it has demonstrated to be a proven solution to reduce the gap in the access to educational opportunities between rural and urban children.

Alejandro Pereyras

Alejandro Pereyras

Alejandro grew up and studied in Montevideo. Thanks to public education he became a History Professor and had the opportunity to live and continue his education in Spain and France.

On his return, Edúcate was being born. Since then, he has participated in several projects and has studied in depth the work of the great pedagogues who promoted the most innovative and critical practices in Uruguay based on their work in rural areas. Today he is very proud of continuing to learn together with those who continue to defend the legacy of rural education teachers.