Edúcate Uruguay is a non-profit organization that strengthens the public school system, specifically in rural areas, through a model that generates an affective and effective bond of children to learning.

Founded in 2009, it has demonstrated to be a proven solution to reduce the gap in the access to educational opportunities between rural and urban children.

The Compass: the adventure of writing

La brújula: la aventura de escribir

The Compass seeks to connect the child with the taste and ulterior meaning of writing. It approaches writing as a creative medium, as a possibility to express, share and understand, through personal resignification, what I have known about myself, about other people and of the world around me.
It promotes the use of the language in real or credible communicative contexts. Recognize the power of imagination and its relationship to motivation. It integrates tools so that students and students learn in a systematic and practical way. Through concrete proposals and materials, seek to bring the gaze of the female and male students closer together, making their progress tangible, especially taking advantage of the interaction between peers and the integration of families as key allies in learning. ​
It contributes with teachers so that their students improve their language skills, feel motivated to write, develop their imagination and creativity, develop their autonomy and metacognition and can organize their ideas to put them in writing and improve their learning.

Each school participating in the project receives the following resources: letter from the navigator per child, travel log per child, teaching resources to motivate writing, learning progressions for children and teachers.